JACC Welcome Statement

Dear visitors:

We are pleased to welcome you to our website, hoping to cement a positive and effective contribution of the public in the fight against corruption, in order to boost our performance and deepening the sense of responsibility, as well as intensifying efforts in fighting the scourge of corruption and draining its resources.

Jordan Anti-Corruption Commission was established by a Royal Decree, to strengthen confidence in state institutions, provide justice and fairness for all citizens. The commission also aims at promoting equal opportunities and fairness in the distribution of development gains through a national strategy to combat corruption and boost the institutional capacity to prevent, detect and investigate all issues associated with it.

Our main goal is reform, modernization and development of state institutions to address the phenomena of nepotism and favoritism which nullifies a right or validates what is void.

As part of our commitment to achieve our goals, we launched this site to enrich an anti-corruption culture that rejects corruption in all its forms, encourages positive social interactions that contributes in the process of building a model Kingdom under the Hashemite leadership.