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Government fully supports ACC: PM

2/15/2015 10:47:35 AM

 Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Tuesday assured his government's full support for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in its efforts to address all cases of corruption by "whomsoever committed" and refer them to justice.

During a visit to ACC, where he was accompanied by a number of ministers, Ensour told commission president, Abed Kharabsheh, and board members that the visit "is not in the frame of protocol and courtesy, but it is a message of support from the executive authority to facilitate this oversight body's work".

The premier assured that no one should think Jordan is sliding back in fighting graft, but is ramping up the fight against corruption "while keeping in mind the protection of people's honour and their reputation from character assassination".

"Your task is critical as you balance your quest to uncover the truth, the whole truth, but at the same time not to be dragged behind intrigues intended to assassinate character", he told the ACC board members.

But he cautioned against talk about rampant corruption, which, he said, would have an adverse impact on the economy and investment, stressing that ACC is "a legal and economic institution that protects the country's potentials and spreads justice among all".

He urged the anti-graft agency to shun nepotism, noting that achieving justice among citizens would "raise morale and boost citizens' confidence in state institutions and protect social peace and fabric".

The ACC president said that the prime minister's visit was in line with Royal directives to support the commission after its new board members took the oath in front of His Majesty Kind Abdullah II.


Kharabsheh assured that the commission is keen to strictly adopt confidentiality of information on any corruption case and would not interfere in the work of the judiciary after referring any case to the authority.